Large and Heavy Jack (for bridge structure)

Our jack (or lifting system) is designed to lift up the bridge structures safely and efficiently. Multiple electromechanical jacks are controlled by a computer-aided centralized control system. Stress distribution on each jack is visually shown on digital display, allowing for a smooth linked operation.


Large and Heavy Jack for 400 ton Railway Bridges

This 400 ton system consists of 4 units of lifting stations, each unit made up of a pair of 50 ton jacks. It promises a safe construction work in a short period of time.

Large and Heavy Jack for 6000 ton Highway Bridge

The system comprises multiple jacks that are controlled under a computer-aided centralized control system. This particular picture shows a reconstruction work for the tremor-destroyed highway bridge structures. Ensures safe and efficient work.

One leg employs 2 sets of four 150 ton jacks for a 1200 ton capacity.
Jacks operate in a step-by-step motion.